The Lone Star State Pit Bull Club does not and has never had a club-affiliated rescue organization.

We are available for educational programs, but we do not intake or adopt out animals, nor do we accept liability for the organizations listed at For assistance in placing a dog, please see the rescue list below. If you would like to share your life with an APBT, please consider one of the thousands of homeless dogs who are in shelters. Adult APBTs are particularly difficult to find homes for, but they bond to their new owners quickly. Many times they are already housebroken, and you know the size and temperament you are going to get.

If your APBT is not a working or show-quality dog, he or she should be spayed or neutered. It does not have to be expensive! Here’s how:

  • Metroplex Animal Coalition maintains a list of low-cost clinics.
  • Spay/Neuter Network is in Crandall, Fort Worth and Dallas.
  • TCAP is in many locations all over the DFW area.
  • Request a SNYP coupon. You will receive a low-cost coupon and a list of veterinarians who take the coupon (there is at least one near every major city in the Metroplex).

Please see these Texas rescue sites, and remember them in your charitable giving:

St. Francis Rescue (Nacogdoches)

Find a rescue organization or find a dog through:

I have made every effort to locate as many rescue organizations that I can. I do not know if all will take American Pit Bull Terriers. I know that most will only take a dog if they have room, so you may need to wait and call back at a later time in order to place an animal. If you have a mixed breed or indeterminate “pit bull” it may be better to call the dog the “other” breed in order to place the dog. Please make sure the dog is friendly to people and preferably spayed or neutered. These things will surely help in placing the animal. If you find out that any of the organizations listed below will not take a APBT, please let me know so I can take them off this list. I also would like any feedback on placing the dog.

We are NOT affliated with any of the below rescue organizations. Please do due diligence when surrendering a dog, adopting a dog, or donating money.

Humane Animal Rescue 214-332-9535

East Lake Pet Orphanage 214-349-3576 Dallas

A Different Breed 214-446-0553 Dallas

City Pet Rescue 214-555-9934

Tara’s Grove Pet Rescue 214-957-2985

Texas Tail Waggers 214-868-0480

Pic a Pal 214-821-4077

Paws & Claws 817-491-7283

Muttley Crew 817-980-3031 misfits2luv

Arlington Humane Society 817-468-0444

Pet Rescue Society of Arlington 817-572-3220

Friends for Animals Adoption Shelter 817-326-3641 Granbury

Pet Connection 817-454-4885

DFW Canine Rescue 817-472-0361

Kool Kats and Kanines 817-913-1041 Ft Worth

Protective Animal League 817-679-0817

Johnson County Humane Society 817-517-5111

Little Orphaned Angels 817-741-2386

Homeward Bound 817-792-5122 Bedford

Burleson Animal Society 817-793-2029 Burleson

Animal Angels 940-567-3252

Casa de Critters 940-384-1177

Red River SPCA 940-668-6714

Neely’s Pet Rescue & Adoptions 903-361-0524 Bonham

Denton Humane Society 940-382-7387

Animal Refuge Foundation 903-564-7056

Prairie Paws 972-237-8575

Grand Prairie Animal Rescue Klub 972-562-4357

Animal Allies of Texas 972-240-1940 Dallas

Coppell Humane Society 972-462-1121

DFW Humane Society 972-253-3333

Lexees Legacy 972-245-0900 Dallas

Treasured Friends 972-247-3455

Tassies Hope Animal Rescue 972-307-8063

Lost Paws 972-394-9373

Help for Helpless Animals 972-427-4860

Friends Forever 972-564-9134

Frisco Humane Society 972-498-8980

Carrollton Humane Society 972-523-0949 Carrolton

Animal Guardians of America 972-527-3726 Plano

SPCA McKinney 972-562-7297

Save the Animals Rescue Society 972-459-9181

Texas Cares 972-633-2287

Companion Animal Network 972-686-8987

Flower Mound Humane Society 972-874-6390

Pit Bull Rescue Central (national)

St. Francis Rescue (Nacogdoches)