Join the Lone Star State American Pit Bull Terrier Club. Stand up and be counted!
You do not need to own a registered APBT to join. Only one event a year is “sanctioned” — meaning only registered dogs can attend. The rest of the year we have fun shows, social events, and other activities.

$25 annual dues includes as membership in the Endangered Breeds Association and a subscription to their newsletter.

mail in your membership form today!


Yearly Membership Dues: $25.00
Pro-rated membership based on date you join – memberships are renewed each January.
Jan-March: $25
April-June: $20
July-Oct: $15
Nov.-Dec.: $25 (good til the next December).

Make check payable to LSSPBC and mail to: 6520 NEWT PATTERSON RD., MANSFIELD TEXAS 76063


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