Join the Lone Star State American Pit Bull Terrier Club. Stand up and be counted!
You do not need to own a registered APBT to join. Only one event a year is “sanctioned” — meaning only registered dogs can attend. The rest of the year we have fun shows, social events, and other activities.

$25 annual dues includes a subscription to our newsletter as well as membership in the Endangered Breeds Association (http://www NULL.endangeredbreedsassociation and a subscription to their newsletter.

Use PayPal to join today! Be sure your “shipping address” in PayPal is the address to which you want us to send you newsletters and other mailings. We do not share your information with anyone other than the EBA when we sign you up, and they do not share your info with anyone either (click on the orange button below):

OR mail in your membership form today!


Yearly Membership Dues: $25.00
Pro-rated membership based on date you join – memberships are renewed each January.
Jan-March: $25
April-June: $20
July-Oct: $15
Nov.-Dec.: $25 (good til the next December).

Make check payable to LSSPBC and mail to: P.O. Box 152905 Arlington, TX 76015.


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